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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

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Nathan LaBelle, University of Northern Iowa
Eugene Wallingford, Computer Science Department, University of Northern Iowa, 
Inter-package dependency networks in open-source software
Monday Evening Session - Networks

Geoffrey Landis, Individual
Monday Evening Session -

Geoffrey Landis, MIT / NASA Glenn Research Center
Science, Science Fiction, & Life in the Universe
Thursday Afternoon Session - Science Fiction

Holger Lange, Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute
Bjørn Økland, Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute, Paal Krokene, Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute, 
Thresholds in the life cycle of the spruce bark beetle under climate change
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Evolution and Ecology

Holger Lange
Session: Evolution and Ecology
Thursday Evening Session - Evolution and Ecology

Helene Langevin, University of Vermont
Connective tissue: a body-wide complex system network?
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Physiology

Neil Lanteigne, Southern New Hampshire University
Chaos, Complexity and The Randori Principle - A New Model of Business Decision-Making
Wednesday Afternoon Session -

Cintia Lapilli, Department of Physics and Astronomy - University of Missouri
Peter Pfeifer, Department of Physics and Astronomy - University of Missouri-Columbia, Carlos Wexler, Department of Physics and Astronomy - University of Missouri-Columbia, 
Universality away from critical points in a thermostatistical model
Thursday Afternoon Session - Physical Systems

Tania Leishman, Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University
David Green , Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, Suzanne Sadedin, Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, 
Dual phase evolution – a mechanism for self-organization in complex systems
Monday Evening Session - Networks

Lin Leung, The City University of New ork
Intelligent International Medical Network: Design and Performance Analysis
Poster Session

Lev B. Levitin, Boston University
Zipf Law Revisited: A Model of Emergence and Manifestation
Poster Session -

Xiangdong Li, New York City College of Technology
Andis ChiTung Kwan, Computer Science Department of Graduate Center of City University of New York, Michael Anshel, Computer Science Department of City College of City University of New York, Christina Zamfirescu, Computer Science Department of Hunter College Of City University of New York, Lin Wang Leung, Computer Information Systems of Borough of Manhattan Community College of City University of New York, 
To Quantum Walk or Not
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Physical Systems

May Lim, NECSI
Session: Physical Systems
Thursday Afternoon Session - Physical Systems

May Lim, NECSI and Brandeis University
Dan Braha, NECSI and University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Sanith Wijesinghe, NECSI, Stephenson Tucker, Sandia National Laboratory, Yaneer Bar-Yam, NECSI, 
Preferential Detachment: Improving Connectivity and Cost Trade-offs in Signaling Networks
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Engineering

Corey Lofdahl, BAE Systems, Advanced Information Technologies
Darrall Henderson, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, U.S. Military Academy, 
Coordinating National Power using Complex Systems Simulation
Tuesday Evening Session - Homeland Security

Thea Luba
Session: Complex Systems Education
Tuesday Evening Session - Complex Systems Education

Thea Luba, NECSI
Session: Leadership
Tuesday Evening Session - Leadership

Thea Luba, The MediaMetro Society
Creating, Connecting and Collaborating in SonicMetro: Our on-line complex systems model for Arts Education
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Education, Healthcare

Margaret Lyell, Intelligent Automation, Inc
Rob Flo, AFRL, Mateo Mejia-Tellez, Intelligent Automation, Inc., 
Agent-based simulation framework for studies of cognitive pedestrian agent behavior in an urban environment with crisis
Monday Evening Session - Homeland Security

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