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International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)

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David G. Míguez, Brandeis University
Experimental steady pattern formation in reaction-diffusion-advection systems
Thursday Evening Session - Neural dynamics

Sergio Andres Galindo Torres, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Computational simulation of the hydraulic fracturing process using a discrete element method
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Dynamics of Materials

David Garelick, physics, northeastern university
Body sway technology
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Physiology

David Garelick, northeastern university
Particles traveling faster than the speed of light
Thursday Afternoon Session - Physical Systems

Michael Gastner, Santa Fe Institute
Traffic flow in a spatial network model
Tuesday Afternoon Session - Networks

Orrett Gayle, University of the West Indies
Daniel Coore, University of the West Indies, 
Self-organising text in an amorphous computing environment
Monday Evening Session - Engineering

Neena George, ECECS Department, University of Cincinnati
Ali Minai, ECECS Department, University of Cincinnati, Simona Doboli, Department of Computer Science, Hofstra University, 
Self-organized inference of spatial structure by randomly deployed sensor networks
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Engineering

Nicholas Gessler, UCLA Human Complex Systems Program
Through the looking-glass with ALiCE: artificial life, culture and evolution:
Tuesday Evening Session - Complex Systems Education

Adrian Gheorghe, Old Dominion University/Department Engineering Management
Vulnerability Assessment of Complex Critical Infrastructures
Tuesday Evening Session - Homeland Security

Zann Gill, DE•SYN
Designing Challenges to Harness C-IQ [collaborative intelligence]
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Alife and Evolution

Lubov Ginkul, Institute of Cytology RAS
Marina Boriskova, Pavlov State Medical University of St.Petersburg, Polina Pankova, Pavlov State Medical University of St.Petersburg, Tamara Figurina, Pavlov State Medical University of St.Petersburg, Irina Shvemberger, Institute of Cytology RAS, 
The apoptosis proteins expression in tumor and blood cells in patients
Wednesday Afternoon Session -

James Glazier, Biocomplexity Institute, Indiana University
Cell Oriented Modeling Biological Development using the Cellular Potts Model
Monday Evening Session - Biology

Ray Greek, Americans For Medical Advancement
Niall Shanks, Wichita State U, 
Implications of complex systems in biomedical research using animals as models of humans
Monday Evening Session - Biology

David Green, CSIT, Monash University
Tania Leishman , CSIT, Monash University, Suzanne Sadedin, CSIT, Monash University, 
The emergence of social consensus in Boolean networks
Monday Evening Session - Networks

Martin Greiner, Siemens AG
Proactive robustness control of heterogeneously loaded networks
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Engineering

Martin Greiner, Siemens AG
Selforganizing wireless multihop ad hoc communication networks
Poster Session

Martin Greiner, Siemens AG
Impact of observational incompleteness on the structural properties of protein interaction networks
Monday Evening Session - Biology

Anne-Marie Grisogono, DSTO
Success and failure in adaptation
Tuesday Evening Session - Systems Engineering

Adam Groothuis, IB, Southern New HAmpshire University
Sharon Mertz, IB, Southern New Hampshire University, Philip Vos Fellman, IB, Southern New Hampshire University, 
Multi-agent based simulation of technology succession dynamics
Monday Evening Session - Innovation

Adam Groothuis, Southern New Hampshire University
Philip Vos Fellman, Southern New Hampshire University, 
Agent based simulation of punctuated technology succession : a real-world example using medical devices in the field of interventional cardiology
Monday Evening Session - Innovation

Yuriy Gulak, Center for Structures in Extreme Environments, Rutgers Unive
Haym Benaroya, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Rutgers University, 
Nonassociative algebraic structures and complex dynamical systems
Wednesday Afternoon Session - Mathematical Methods

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