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International Conference on Complex Systems 2004 (ICCS2004)


Authors whose submissions are accepted for presentation should plan to submit full papers by April 30, 2004. These will be reviewed and, if accepted, published in the peer reviewed on-line journal InterJournal and as a conference proceedings volume. Please follow carefully the formatting instructions below.

Microsoft Word

The following files are example templates for formatting your paper kindly prepared by Jean-Claude Heudin. Once you have prepared them in Word format, please also prepare a HTML and/or PDF version for posting on the web as part of InterJournal. Please keep the length of papers to under 8 pages.

  • wpc.doc is a Word97 file for PCs (it can be submitted as Word5.1, Word97 or Word98 file)
  • wmac or wmac.hqx is a Word5.1 file for Macs (it can be submitted as Word5.1, Word97 or Word98 file)


The following files may be used for formatting your paper using LaTeX2e. Please keep the length of papers to under 8 pages.

  • ICCShow.tex is a latex file which gives a sample of the format expected for the ICCS proceedings.
  • ICCShow.ps is a postscript version of the file. You may want to print this first and use it as a guide.
  • ICCSsty.tex is a latex style file neccessary to create the ICCS conference paper format.
  • ICCS.bst is a bibtex style file for creating references like those descibed in the formatting instructions. It has been designed for use with article, proceedings, inproceedings, inbook, book and techreport entries. It was generously submitted by Bernhard Sendhoff.
  • ICCShow.bib Example of how you can set up your bibliography database.
  • ICCShow.bbl Result of running bibtex on the bibliography
  • notes is a file of caveats and notes about proceedings preparation.
  • plot.eps is an example postscript figure used by the above files.

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