Special Meeting at the International Conference on Complex Systems

Organizational meeting for Complex Systems Societies

Overview: We have received a number of inquiries about establishing collaborative relationships among organizations promoting research, education, and applications in complex systems. In response we are inviting representatives of such organizations to a meeting discussing the formation of the international federation of complex systems societies.

Location: This meeting will take place at the International Conference on Complex Systems in Nashua, New Hampshire Oct. 25-30.

We anticipate that the federation will serve the international community in promoting mutual endeavors, resource expansion, assisting new organizations, and advocacy for the study of complex systems. Its governing body will be formed from designated organizational representatives.

Institutions which expect to send a representative and those who would like to participate in the federation but will be unable to attend the ICCS organizational meeting, should send e-mail to necsi@necsi.org

Participation is by invitation to recognized organizational representatives.