Special Session at the International Conference on Complex Systems

ICCS: Special Session on NSF(KDI) / NIH Funding
of Complex Systems Research


    Jim Anderson, Program Director, National Institute of General Medical Science, NIH

    Mike McCloskey, Program Director and Chair, KDI Working Group, NSF

Overview: The great interest and importance of interdisciplinary and unified approaches to research and education on complex systems has resulted in a number of new programs at NSF, NIH and DoD. These special programs endeavor to build programs of interdiciplinary research and address the problems of peer review in the interdisciplinary areas. In this special session we will be receiving reports on the existing programs and future plans. The session will take place at the International Conference on Complex Systems Oct. 25-30, 1998 in Nashua, NH

Following the session we will discuss the question: Should a joint effort of funding agencies be formed to fund the increasing efforts to bridge between disciplines? The new entity might be named the Trandisciplinary and Unified Research Foundation (TURF). If there is enough interest we will plan an additional meeting after the conference to discuss TURF building. Seriously, a better name needs to be found and the sessions and follow up will be held.