New England Complex Systems Institute


International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2002)

Nashua, NH
June 9-14, 2002

Host: New England Complex Systems Institute

Conference Chairman: Yaneer Bar-Yam

Executive Committee:
Dan Braha, Helen Harte, Richard Lewontin, Ali Minai, Joan Reede, Larry Rudolph, Temple Smith, Gunter Wagner
Program Committee:
Yaneer Bar-Yam, Philippe Binder, Dan Braha, Helen Harte, Sui Huang, Michael Jacobson, Mark Klein, Seth Lloyd, David Meyer, Ali Minai, Lael Parrott, David Sloan Wilson, Jeff Stock

Partial support:

  • National Science Foundation
  • National Institutes for General Medical Sciences, NIH

Program Booklet (uploaded 6/7/02)(PDF file)
Program booklet contains updated program and all abstracts.

Conference Program (updated 6/7/02)


*** ICCS2002 is now over ***


Click here for videoclips from ICCS2002.

Click here for an article in the Nashua Telegraph about ICCS2002. (Also available in .pdf.)

This conference has two major aims: first, to investigate those properties or characteristics that appear to be common to the very different complex systems now under study; and second, to encourage cross fertilization among the many disciplines involved.

Pedagogical Sessions: The conference will include pedagogical sessions on Sunday, June 9 covering fundamental knowledge in concepts, simulation, and analysis tools relevant to complex systems.





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