New England Complex Systems Institute

International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS)

May 21-26, 2000 in Nashua, NH

*** Conference Program (updated 05/18/2000)***

*** Notification of National Science Foundation Sponsorship ***

Conference Chairman: Yaneer Bar-Yam

Executive Committee:
Dan Braha, Helen Harte, Michael Jacobson, Gottfried Mayer, David Meyer, Ali Minai

This conference has two major aims: first, to investigate those properties or characteristics that appear to be common to the very different complex systems now under study; and second, to encourage cross fertilization among the many disciplines involved.

Pedagogical Session: The conference will include pedagogical sessions on Sunday, May. 21 covering fundamental knowledge in concepts, simulation, and analysis tools relevant to complex systems.

Previous ICCS Conferences:

First ICCS: September 21-26, 1997 (program)
Second ICCS: October 25-30, 1998 (program)