Leading with Confidence in the Face of Uncertainty
A Two-Day Executive Education Program

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Article: The Industry Standard

Past Attendee Comments:

“Probably the best conceptual conference I've attended.”

“Good mix of theoretical and practical perspectives to complex systems”

“When dealing with daily technical and management issues you often lose perspective on the richness of the organizational environment. This session has given me the space to appreciate that and learn some things to help me cope with it.”

“Excellent overview of complexity / systems and synthesis with other management insights”

“My ideas about chaos and complexity were challenged and reinforced. Importantly, the emphasis and values of the faculty came through at a personal level.”

“This is an excellent program that should be offered more often and to diverse audiences.”

“Rich in ideas with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of important problems and issues.”

“An excellent faculty.”

“The real world examples were effective in demonstrating the extent that complexity has affected our lives.”

“As a student, I found that the program introduced and developed the complex systems framework in an approachable and inspiring way.”

“It has helped me see a large picture (or context) to some of the business challenges I face, especially implementing change in my organization.”

“Has expanded my understanding of the complexity of many situations and why it is so difficult to enact change that is meaningful and permanent.”

“My organization has experienced extreme growth and is attempting to modify current systems in place, and finding extreme resistance. The theories presented provide concepts that will be useful in our corporate planning and implementation.”

“Excellent introduction to managing complex organizations that would stimulate dialogue and learning among co-workers such that momentum for change can begin. That is, the course helps set a common framework (i.e., language) for communication and learning.”

“Increases an organization's likelihood for success.”

“Will help me be a more effective leader in our organization.”

“A deeper understanding of organizations, leadership and improvement work which will help me tremendously in my job. Inspirational!”

“Interaction with others in similar systems was great - I sometimes feel like [I'm] 'alone in the woods'.”

“Broadened my theoretical understanding and offered good ideas for implementation.”

“It gave us new tools to understand and analyze the way organizations work.”

“Excellent program - has demonstrated the importance of relationship-building to an organization.”

“Intellectually stimulating, reflective, applicable to my worlds.”

“Very good program. Lots of idea stimulation, thoughts to take back to my organization.”

“Good to know there are paths to ‘managing’ these complex organizations we live and work in.”

“My understanding of the complex world has now been greatly simplified.”

“Eye-opening; interesting questions; connecting many of my questions together.”

“Outstanding opportunity for reflection about very fundamental issues.”

“Probably the most productive and enjoyable program I've ever participated in!”

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