Leading with Confidence in the Face of Uncertainty
A Two-Day Executive Education Program

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We will identify the key properties of successful organizations – their structure, dynamics, information flows, and relationships – and the essential roles of leadership in responding to the rapidly changing world.

The presenters will interact with participants in exploring the key concepts and case studies. Questions are welcome and discussion time will be a key part of the program. Speakers will present a cutting-edge perspective on managing business as it is – human and complex.

This seminar is created for key decision makers and those who advise them – executives, senior management, public administrators, management consultants, organizational development professionals and educators.

At the end of the seminar participants will be able to
• Identify key success factors in rapid and early adaptation to changes in the business and political climate
• Value critical organizational connections - know when to create them and when to cut them
• Gain insights and skills to make better decisions under uncertainty
• Manage the use of new tools – including simulation and system modeling – to anticipate the shifting environment and reduce risk

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