Leading with Confidence in the Face of Uncertainty
A Two-Day Executive Education Program

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Cambridge, MA (exact location TBA)

The increasing complexity of the global environment has changed what it means to be a leader. Even the most sophisticated planning tools fail to account for the non-linear and often chaotic manner in which issues and eventualities present themselves.  Effective leaders need to organize people and resources to promote optimal creativity, flexibility, adaptability and the capacity to learn as an organization.

This course introduces the principles of complex systems science—the science which explains why organizations and markets so often behave in unexpected ways.  Participants will learn how organizational structures can be an asset or a liability, why certain patterns and trends matter while others are just noise, and how to understand the environment in times of uncertainty to regain assurance.

The class will include case studies from healthcare, systems engineering, the military, Web 2.0 and other industries. Participants will be part of an open discussion, so that they will leave with tools relevant to their organizations.

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