New England Complex Systems Institute

Complex Systems Fundamentals

An Intensive Course

Case study: The modern science of human aging


*** The course is now over ***


October 4-8, 1999, Harvard/Radcliffe Hillel Cambridge, MA

A coherent program of study and the development of a common language base for complex systems concepts and methods

Format: A one semester course in a one week format.

Subject Matter includes:

Multiple scales, statistical methods, information, time series analysis, nonlinear dynamics, computer modeling, networks, informatics, pattern formation, computational paradigm, evolutionary paradigm, interdependence, adaptation, emergence and complexity.

Demonstration of the application of complex systems methods will be made through a case study focusing on the aging of human physiology: System structure, dynamic response, function, physical degradation of non-equilibrium structure, heart rate dynamics, neural systems, bone tissue and genetic issues.

Target Audience:

This course is meant for students and faculty who would like to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of complex systems, and develop methodological tools for conducting research in their respective fields. Aging is being used as a case study to demonstrate the use of complex systems strategies.

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Aging and Complex Systems