International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)


Networks and structural themes topics of interest:

In recent years, understanding the structure and function of complex networks has become the foundation for explaining many different real-world complex biological, technological and informal social phenomena. Techniques from statistical physics have been successfully applied to the analysis of these networks, and have uncovered surprising topological properties that have also been shown to have a major effect on their functionality, dynamics, robustness, and fragility. This conference will bring together the latest research and practice on the emerging science of complex networks.

Topics include but are not limited to studies on:

  • Topological properties of networks
  • Growth of networks
  • Community structure
  • Dynamical processes on networks
  • Search and distributed computation on networks
  • Competition of evolving networks
  • Stability of networks
  • Optimization approaches on networks
  • Networks in biology - gene regulation, metabolic, ..., ecology and evolution
  • Networks in society - formal and informal social networks, technological networks
  • Networks in engineering
  • Spatial networks
  • Games on networks
  • Visualization of networks

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