International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2006)


Systems biology topics of interest

High throughput data and theoretical modeling are combining to create new opportunities for systems understanding in biology. In addition to the comprehensiveness of genome-scale analysis of molecular pathways and networks, we are particularly interested in building toward an understanding of living systems at all scales and levels of organization. This will include aspects such as: emergence of higher-order (system-level) features, pattern formation, multiscale representation, etc. You are invited to submit abstracts/papers in experimental and theoretical areas of systems biology. Topics include but are not limited to studies on:

  • System levels
    • DNA/Protein sequence analysis: genome-scale comparative analysis, motifs, evolution
    • Regulatory pathways/circuits: stochastic simulation; deterministic, non-linear dynamics, in situ pathway visualization
    • Molecular networks: topology (global structure, local motifs) and dynamics
    • Cell and organismal physiology: Cell migration, Multi-cell behavior, Systems control, Homeostasis and disease, Scaling laws
    • Development: Spatiotemporal patterns, developmental constraints, robustness
    • Behavior: brain and behavior, group dynamics
    • Population and evolutionary dynamics
  • Concepts
    • Robustness and Control
    • Noise, Oscillations, Chaos
    • Fractals, power laws, Time series
    • Multiscale modeling
  • Tools
    • Genomics and Proteomics techniques
    • Databases, data mining, analysis and visualization tools
    • In situ imaging techniques (microscopic and macroscopic)

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