New England Complex Systems Institute


Two Week Advanced Course and Supervised Study/Research in Complex Systems


DATES: July 1-12, 2002

LOCATION: New England Complex Systems Institute offices in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

This is an opportunity to pursue a directed study/research project with a small group in a collegial atmosphere. This advanced course will explore the diverse opportunities for contribution in the study of complex systems and the application of complex systems concepts in a variety of areas. The study program and research projects will be individualized, similar to a directed study, allowing the possibility of initiating projects in a specific area of complex systems research. Projects may involve studies of fundamental aspects of complex systems or applied studies of physical, biological, social or engineered systems. Conceptual or mathematical analysis or simulation based research are all possible. The area of the directed study will be agreed upon in advance.


The time will be organized to allow a few lectures, frequent group discussions, and mostly a directed study/research project in a collegial atmosphere.


Students, post-docs, faculty and others that are interested in pursuing research in complex systems.

The number of participants will be limited to 10-15 depending on the synergy between participant interests to enable an effective learning environment. Joint participation by groups (faculty and their students, colleagues, etc.) interested in pursuing a single project is encouraged.


Arrangements for student credit at a home institution should be made in advance. Contact Cherry at


Student $1200
Academic $1800
Individual $2400
Corporate $3800