A five day certificate program covering

  • Complexity and Analytics
  • Risk and Opportunity
  • Implications for Strategy

Featured Presenters:

Yaneer Bar-Yam, President and Professor,
New England Complex Systems Institute

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Real World Risk Institute,
author of The Black Swan and Antifragile

May 1-5, 2017
Westin Arlington Gateway
Washington, DC


Understand and plan for risk and opportunity in a complex world.
Learn to anticipate and prepare for the unknown.

Detailed Objectives

Monday and Tuesday
May 1-2, 2017
Complexity and Analytics: Using complexity science to develop strategic insights

  • Learn how to to identify what is important in data
  • Identify emergent patterns that indicate shifts in markets or other conditions
  • Use your own and public data to identify seismic events and transitions
  • Create powerful tools for handling risks by learning the right questions to ask
  • How to use analytics as a tool for insight and strategic direction

Wednesday and Thursday
May 3-4, 2017
Risk and Complexity: Identify risk in complex environments

  • Recognize conditions of cascading risks
  • Learn what complexity really is and how to turn it from a liability to an asset
  • Learn to distinguish fragile from antifragile
  • Gain advantage from uncertainty, volatility and disorder
  • Harness the power of self-organization to be naturally antifragile
  • Assess the metaview

May 5, 2017
What Have We Learned?

  • What can we say today about the rapidly changing world we live in?
  • What does global integration and disorder mean for the future?
  • How can business thrive in this context?
  • How can we set up strategies that achieve objectives?
  • What can be known about economic growth, and the impact of government decisions?
  • What can be expected in global risks, cascading crises, and the "new normal?"


This seminar is for anyone who wants to understand risk, opportunity and strategy in the real world, especially key decision makers and those who advise them: executives, senior managers, government policy makers, public administrators, management consultants, organizational development professionals and business educators.

This is a rigorous program backed by advanced math, but explained through ideas and pictures. No math background is needed to attend.

Important Dates:

April 1: Early Registration Deadline
April 24: Registration Deadline
May 1-5: Program


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