Reviews from Previous NECSI Course Students

  • "Excellent course...useful thematic overview... applications in diverse contexts were exciting. Particularly appreciated the group project - excellent experiential pedagogy."

  • "The course was an eye-opening framework to analyze my work through a different lens."

  • "Presentations were extremely useful for me in understanding how to begin modeling complex systems and assessing them. Helped me understand a lot of things I have been doing so far without clearly understanding the principles."

  • "This class very much stretched my mind to apply the ideas of complexity to the world... I believe I learned more on a grander scale... will help enrich my vocabulary and the way of thinking in the world with respect to complexity."

  • "Excellent class. I hope to take a more active role in the community."

  • "This course contained more insight than any other 'complexity' themed course that I have taken."

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