One-Week Intensive Course: Projects

Complex Physical, Biological and Social Systems

Date: June 16-20, 2003
Location: UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Supervisor: Prof. Yaneer Bar-Yam

  • Structure Emergence in Corporate Mergers
    Edward Bailey, Amit Joshi, Ong Kiankok, Suhan Ree, Luis Armando Lujan Salazar and Ricardo Valerdi
    (PDF, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Investigating the “Wireless Wire”
    Timothy McGee, Mario Lauria, Shiro Harada, Debra Strick, Jan Wantia and Henry Chong
    (PDF, PowerPoint)
  • Productivity, Collaboration, and Citizenship in Academic Departments
    Loren Bentley, David Roberson, Iris Bell, Dieter Enzmann, Susanne Lohmann, Deborah Rhodes and Jeff Shih
  • "Ants Gone Wild" -- Simulating Semiochemical-Induced Ant Aggression
    David Doty, Joyce Duan, Charles Gieseler, Ming Ho, Jordan Patti, Muneesh Tewari and Li Yan
    (PDF, PowerPoint) 



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