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New England Complex Systems Institute
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Throughout the year, NECSI holds classes, seminars, conferences, and programs to assist students and professionals alike in deepening their understanding of complex systems. Courses have been taught all over the world: Australia, Canada, China, Colombia , France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Russia, and many states of the U.S.

NECSI also offers a variety of books and online educational resouces intended for a wide range of audiences. Use the links on the left or below to find out about NECSI's diverse educational offerings.

Upcoming offerings

Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics & Spatial Pattern Formation – April 5 - 6

Two-day formal and practical introduction to the modeling and analysis of the dynamics of complex systems.

Executive Education – May 5 - 6

Learn to flourish in a volatile and complex world by creating antifragile organizations that thrive on stress and disorder in this two-day program for senior managers

Courses in Complexity Summer Session – June 9 - 20

Two intensive week-long courses on complex systems science and its applications

Special programs

NECSI also offers tailored professional and corporate programs and advanced study opportunities.