Accolades for Past Antifragility Programs

Nassim Taleb and Yaneer Bar-Yam are "two forces of nature" and "a great tag team!"

"The ideas presented from both speakers were very stimulating and interesting. I came along to stretch my thinking and be provoked to new ways of thinking and this was achieved."

"I thought the program was fascinating. I particularly liked the open format between the presenters...[which] I felt contributed significantly to the value of the program."

"I have been working and reworking my notes, and the cross domain benefits continue to emerge which I find invaluable. Thank you for all the effort that was put into the program."

"The conference was outstanding."

"My head is still swimming with ideas!"

"Thanks for a mind-opening few days in Boston."

"Thank you for the great course."

"It was a privilege to attend the program."

"Great presentation and great work."

"Thank you both again for a fantastic discussion, I’ve never seen an audience that has been so provoked — I wish we’d been able to continue the Q&A all night."

"Thank you @yaneerbaryam @nntaleb for a terrific seminar @NECSI today - brains are buzzing! #ImNotComplicatedImComplex"



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