A practical guide for decision makers to the transformation of business

Artificial intelligence is changing the fundamentals of business. There are new ways to improve performance and new business opportunities. As AI is adopted the role of human beings will change. Understanding how to chart this transition is increasingly central to entrepreneurs, executives and the organizations they lead. What functions do you fully automate with AI, what functions do you augment with AI, and what functions should rely on human intelligence? Complex systems science reveals the different and complementary strengths of human and artificial intelligence, and how they can be combined for performance advantage in business.

A five day certificate program covering

  • The practical opportunities and risks (from individual to existential) of Artificial Intelligence.
  • A guide to integrating Artificial and Human Intelligence in products and in the organization.
  • The complex systems science of Human and Artificial Intelligence.
    • Differences between AI and HI
    • What AI and HI can and cannot do now and in the future
    • Individual, corporate and global implications.

Business and society are transforming and becoming increasingly complex. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics and hybrid human-machine systems will play an increasing role in business products and in the organization itself. NECSI’s executive education program describes the ongoing transformation of business and society, what the role of AI can be in relation to human intelligence and how they will become integrated. NECSI will provide new tools for recognizing and handling complexity in business and practical guides to integrating AI and HI in products, organizational decision making, and addressing challenges from individual to global.


"I got my money’s worth by noon on Day One. Yaneer is both deep and inspiring. He is not only so solid in his work and thinking, which is amazing and rare and a treat, but he is also a person who wants to apply all of that to make the world better. I was inspired and learned a ton that I can apply immediately in my thinking and my work."

—Don Jones, Experience It, Inc., Toronto, ON
"I have participated in many training events and conferences around the globe, and this one is really special and memorable. I learnt a lot within the week and gathered years of knowledge."

—Indika Prasad Kumara, LSEG Technology, Sri Lanka


This seminar is for anyone who wants to understand the upcoming integration of people and AI in performing tasks and decision making in the real world, especially key decision makers and those who advise them: executives, senior managers, management consultants, and government policy makers.

Detailed Objectives:

Days 1&2 Brain, Mind and Machine:

  • What does science tell us about intelligent systems that can solve complex problems?
  • How can we characterize and classify complex tasks that are solved by intelligent systems?
  • What framework can characterize the differences between human and artificial intelligence?
  • What are the capabilities and limitations of each?

Days 3&4:

What are the low hanging fruit for business:

  • Incorporating AI in products and services
  • Integrating AI with people in an organization

How do we optimize performing tasks, solving problems, making decisions & building strategies:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of AI?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of human intelligence?
  • What is the role of human machine interactions?
  • How can we effectively combine people and AI to leverage the strengths of both?

Day 5: The global future:

What does the future look like for individuals, humanity and AI: What can we know and what is uncertain?
What are the societal changes that are taking place that are driven by, or secondary to, technology?
What is the role of AI in that transformation?
How can we act effectively today in a context of uncertainty?

Important Dates:

Dates to be announced soon.




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