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Education System

The traditional approach to solving social problems with large scale forces (war on poverty, war on drugs) is now being used to solve the complex problems of the education system. While the failure of many schools to provide quality education is real, the current approach to solving the problem by standardized testing is anachronistic. Standardized testing for student, school, school system, and curriculum evaluation is an industrial era approach of mass production of uniform products. The information age complex society needs diverse skills, and, needless to say, individual desires and talents will not be fulfilled through mass production of standard capability students.

Complex systems provides a scientific framework for understanding the education system and education reform.

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Planning Documents for a National Initiative on Complex Systems in K-16 Education
Jim Kaput, Yaneer Bar-Yam, Michael Jacobson, Eric Jakobsson, Jay Lemke, Uri Wilensky, and Collaborators

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