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Web Discussion Forum
NECSI's web-based discussion forum is an internet message board for questions, sharing recent research and receiving feedback, finding out about upcoming conferences and job opportunities, and engaging in general discussion.

In order to post messages, click on the "Log In" link and supply an email address and password. Once you are logged in, you can post new messages, start new topics, and send messages to other users. You can also choose to have forum posts emailed directly to you. At the bottom of each thread of messages, you will see a "Subscribe to this topic" link. Click on it, and subsequent posts from that topic will appear in your inbox.

Complex Systems Wiki
NECSI also hosts a wiki dedicated to complex systems. The wiki is a collection of webpages that can be freely edited by anyone who visits it, and works much like Wikipedia, the well-known online encyclopedia.

Please feel free to create new pages, link to other websites, or upload pictures and other media files. Click on the "edit" tab at the top of any page to edit its contents, and click on the "Save Page" button when you are done. Add new pages by typing [[pagename]] into and existing page (replace "pagename" with the title of the page you want to create), save the page, and click on the new link. For more information on using and editing wikis, go to:



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